What Might CBD Oil Be Able to Do for Back Pain and Stiffness?

Jan 31, 2021

You will have a hard time finding any adult who has not experienced some form of back pain or back stiffness at least once in their lifetime.  The back supports our every move and is therefore uniquely prone to injuries of all kinds.  The spine itself and the surrounding muscular tissue become more vulnerable as we age due to wear and tear, meaning that back pain and stiffness become increasingly common with every passing year.

Managing back pain can be challenging, especially when we are unable to take time off and stop using our back for work and other daily responsibilities.  There are various ways to treat back pain, depending on the root cause of the pain itself, but more people are starting to see CBD oil as a viable option.  We will be exploring why that is.

What Causes Back Pain and Stiffness?

Back pain and back stiffness can make the simplest tasks feel impossible.  Just sitting up straight, walking and bending over can cause agony, depending on the severity of the pain.

There are all kinds of reasons why back pain and stiffness of the muscles can occur.  Let’s take a look at the most common culprits behind this extremely common issue.

Reason #1: Poor Posture

Poor posture is a huge factor, and many of us do not realize how poor our posture really is until we experience considerable pain.  The position of our spine when we are sitting and standing is extremely important, because even subtle misalignment can slowly change the muscular tissue and the shape of the spine itself in a way that causes pain.

With so many of us sitting at our computers for hours each day and bending our necks to look at our devices at all hours, it is not surprising that more and more patients complain about back pain than ever before.

Reason #2: A Muscle Injury

It is easy to pull or strain a muscle in the back compared to other areas of the body because of how much we rely on the back muscles to do the most basic of things, such as bending over to reach something.  Those who engage in strenuous physical activity are more likely to injure their back muscles.

Reason #3: Inflammation

Inflammation a process by which your body’s white blood cells and the things they make protect you from infection from outside invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. [Source]  Back pain can be caused by an inflammatory condition, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Reason #4: A Herniated Disc

The discs of the spine are found between the spinal bones and can slip or herniate either over time or suddenly due to an impact-type injury.  This can cause enormous pain as the disc pushes against a nerve.  Also, this type of injury may require surgery, or at the very least, intensive physical therapy.

Reason #5: Stress

Many of us notice that our back hurts more when we are under stress, and often, this isn’t a coincidence.  When we are feeling stressed, we unconsciously tense up our muscles, and the back is uniquely prone to this type of tension.

Reason #6: Stress Fracture

A stress fracture occurs when the spine is exposed to repeated movements that create some form of impact.  Athletes are unique prone to spinal stress fractures, including gymnasts, weightlifters, figure skaters and football players.  Stress fractures can require surgery.

Treating Back Pain

Treating back pain requires seeing a specialist who can diagnose the issue.  Treating a pulled muscle, for instance, is quite different from treating a stress fracture, and so a doctor must know what is causing the pain to treat it accordingly.  For more minor issues, prescription medications for pain, chiropractic care, rest and physical therapy may be recommended.  More severe injuries may require surgery.

Using CBD Oil for Back Pain and Back Stiffness

So, what does CBD oil have to do with back pain?

CBD oil is an oil-based product that consists of hemp extract diluted in a nontoxic carrier oil.  The hemp extract contains cannabidiol, the dominant compound in the hemp plant.

CBD is a cannabinoid, which is a type of compound that binds to cannabinoid receptors located everywhere throughout the body to regulate specific bodily actions, some of which relate to pain.  Cannabidiol seems to offer anti-inflammatory properties by regulating the body’s inflammatory response, along with analgesic properties that lower the sensitivity of pain receptors in the brain.

Main Ways to Use CBD Oils

There are two key methods to using CBD oil in order to get the most out of it on a daily basis.


The most common way is through sublingual administration, in which it is treated as a tincture.  This means that the oil is held under the tongue for a minute before swallowed.  The cannabidiol absorbs through this tissue quickly, offering widespread effects throughout the body that take effect within about 30 minutes and last for about 3 or 4 hours.

Using a CBD oil as a tincture, you will experience the more balanced properties of cannabidiol throughout the body.


CBD oil can also be used as a topical solution, applied to the skin where the back is in the most pain.  It can offer its effects through transdermal absorption, reaching the muscles and nerves in a relatively short period of time for a more targeted means for addressing the issue.

Choosing Your CBD Oil and Taking it Properly

If you’re going to use CBD oil for back pain or back stiffness, first get approval from your doctor, and tell them about any medications you may be taking.  When choosing a CBD oil for this purpose, you’ll want to choose a milligram strength based on the severity of the pain that you’re in, as higher strengths offer more potent doses.

It’s ideal to use CBD oil daily, whether topically or sublingually, so that the body can accumulate effective levels of cannabidiol that can be used as efficiently as possible.

Don’t Allow Back Pain and Stiffness to Sideline You Throughout the Day 

CBD oil is used for all kinds of things, ranging from stress to concentration difficulties, but its potential pain-related properties make it something worth trying if you are struggling with back pain and stiffness.  Whether you use it as a tincture or apply it directly to the painful area, its properties will absorb quickly while offering its effects in a gentle manner.

Find a CBD oil here at Carolina Gold that has the right strength to deliver potential results and try using it daily to maximize its potential.

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