Smokable CBD at Carolina Gold

Dec 11, 2020

At Carolina Gold, we’re known for our clean, natural and highly bioavailable CBD goods that largely come from our use of carefully extracted compounds that maintain exceptional stability and purity levels.  But, more and more of our customers are choosing smokable hemp as their CBD delivery method of choice.

Smokable hemp, also known as smokable CBD, is simply the raw buds of the hemp plant, and is commonly referred to as “CBD flower” or “hemp flower.”  We do, in fact, offer a uniquely generous variety of exceptional flower products for customers to try, and you can expect the same superb quality levels that you’re used to with Carolina Gold products.

What Makes Smokable CBD Unique?

CBD flower is quite different from other hemp products on the market, like tinctures and topicals, for instance.  That’s because unlike the latter products, CBD flower is, quite simply, raw.  It has not been processed in any way, and that alone makes it desirable to a number of daily hemp users.

Products containing hemp extract require that the hemp flower undergo a variety of manufacturing processes including the extraction itself, purification, winterization, and decarboxylation.  Of course, ultimately, these processes yield a high-quality, bioavailable, and adequately potent end product.  However, some purists argue that hemp is at its best when it has not been tampered with in any way.  It may be more bioavailable as a result of being unprocessed, which could mean faster, stronger, and longer-lasting effects, and a general ability to satisfy user’s needs in a more effective manner.

There are some other differences as well.  One is that smokable flower products do not come in milligram strengths, as this number only applies to formulas that contain a specific amount of hemp extract that’s diluted by other ingredients.  And, flower comes in a rich variety of strains, which is something that most other types of formulas don’t offer, and this factor allows users to be more selective about the specific types of effects that they would like to experience since different strains contain different configurations of chemical compounds which each boast unique properties.  That being said, hemp flower is a naturally full spectrum product.

The Smokable CBD You Can Get at Carolina Gold

At Carolina Gold, we offer our flower products in a few different forms.  For one thing, we offer a variety of strains so that each user can find the ideal effects that they’re looking for.  We source our hemp carefully from the best organic farms we can find, and we research each strain heavily in order to decide which ones to add to our selection.

You’ll find that we provide information about the cannabidiol content of every strain we offer.  This is because the majority of our customers prioritize this compound over any other in hemp, and so they want to know how much they’re getting per dose.

Now, let’s discuss the forms in which one can purchase our smokable CBD.


Our jars are the most popular option, as they can fit a generous amount of pure, raw flower buds, and come in an airtight container that helps keep the product fresh for as long as possible.  One can choose between 3.5g and 7g jars depending on how much flower they like to use on a regular basis.  Generally, the hemp flower will stay fresh for up to a year as long as it’s stored properly, and the lid is sealed.


For those who don’t want to commit to a full-sized jar, they can opt for our bags, which contain 1.5 grams of pure flower buds.  They are available in the same strains as our jars, and the bags are resealable to maintain maximum freshness.


Last but not least, there are our pre-rolls, which are the most user-friendly option and are extremely popular.  They consist of the raw hemp flower buds that have been conveniently rolled in paper so that the user can simply take one out of the container and light it up without any preparation necessary.  We roll our buds in unbleached paper, creating a conical shape that can fit more product.  They come in an airtight container to keep the buds completely fresh and are available in a variety of strains.  Each pre-roll contains 125 milligrams of raw hemp.

Smokable Hemp at Its Finest

It’s easy to see why so many people choose raw CBD flower as their hemp delivery method of choice, as smoking the pure buds allows for a hemp experience that’s as close to nature as possible.  At Carolina Gold, we offer a rich array of smokable hemp products that use the finest industrial hemp we can possibly find.


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