Our Process


Carolina Gold is hands on within all components of the process of our products, from farming, to production to manufacturing. We make sure to be involved to provide premium quality CBD products. From the beginning, Carolina Gold ensures that all industrial hemp is grown according to state guidelines. Through partnerships with farmers, we are able to grow the best flower out there and make sure that it is as organic as possible.

Once the hemp plant is grown, our farmers  harvest, cure the plant, and send in samples to test for THC and CBD levels. To guarantee the best product, we pride ourselves in checking all aspects of our industrial hemp from mold, to mycotoxins, to heavy metal and cannabinoids we make sure to know that our hemp is as safe for consumption as possible to help provide the benefits desired.


All industrial hemp used for our products is also highnitroed while awaiting extractions. High Nitro  provides low oxygen packaging to ensure a revolutionary non-toxic way of storing hemp. These High Nitro systems seal the product under negative pressure at a nitrogen saturation of 99% with less than 1% oxygen which eradicates the possibility of oxidation and mold growth.  The ageing process is also slowed while at the same time preserving CBD and THC levels. Other benefits include longer shelf life and a fresher product with colors, aromas, and flavors preserved.


Cannabis plant detail


When extracting, we use pharmaceutical-grade ethanol as a solvent for CBD extractions. This is a traditional method used because of its efficiency in extracting CBD from hemp. Most importantly, it is regarded as safe by the FDA. By implementing this process, we are able to ensure the quality of our full spectrum oil because it yields the highest amounts of cannabinoids.

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