Our Heritage

Vollis Simpson Whirilig Museum

Whirligig Park, Wilson NC


For centuries, tobacco has been the backbone of North Carolina’s economy. Once known as “The World’s Greatest Tobacco Market,” the sharp decline in the demand for tobacco has left generations of farmers desperate for a new source of agricultural income. In December of 2018, the Farm Bill was passed legalizing industrial hemp nationwide and creating a potential new viable crop that can feed, clothe, shelter and provide medicine.

Today, farmers are turning a new leaf  and there are now as many industrial hemp growers as tobacco growers in the state. Seeking to push forward the rush of CBD throughout the United States, Carolina Gold was found. Now, with collaboration with regional farmers, our Carolina Gold team, and you, the movement of change within our fields is expanding the consumption of CBD as a natural remedy to treat many common ailments.

Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park and Museum

North Carolina Wellness


Carolina Gold was founded to serve as a resource to farmers in the cultivation, packaging, and distribution of their industrial hemp. It is our mission to bring forth the advantages of consuming CBD and revolutionize the health and wellness of all our customers. In everything we do, we strive to make industrial hemp part of the new era of agricultural heritage and share with the world the gold found within it. 


The Carolina Gold team works to meet the needs of all our customers and be a resource while you all learn about CBD and its multiple qualities. Our team understands that this new market can be complex and ambiguous. For that reason, we are composed of a multidisciplinary team, each bringing forth different experience, skills, and backgrounds.

We are here to be an aid in every step of the process, from understanding what CBD is to knowing what goes into every end product. Together, the Carolina Gold Team has 50 years of combined experience within the tobacco industry and agriculture across the board. This ensures quality, potency, and reliability of all Carolina Gold Products.






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