How We Keep Our Prices So Low

Dec 13, 2020

 At Carolina Gold, we’re known for a lot of things.  For instances, our uniquely effective CBD formulas, creating delicious flavors, and even providing a human touch to one’s hemp shopping experience with stellar customer service and a genuine love for people.  Another thing that we have earned a reputation for is our prices.

As you shop for CBD at Carolina Gold, you’ll undoubtedly notice that we offer some of the best prices around.  Hemp is commonly considered expensive, making it seem as though it were a luxury item only accessible to those who have a generous income.  But we see things differently.  We have priced our products in a way that makes it easy to incorporate hemp into your daily routine without blowing your budget.

Now, a lot of people out there equate affordability with low quality, and honestly, we can hardly blame them.  A lot of questionable hemp companies exist, that sell their CBD goods cheaply because they’re cutting critical corners during the process of producing their products.

So, what makes our products different?

Minimal Outsourcing

A huge component of our pricing is our manufacturing process, which allows us to keep our prices as low as possible.  A good number of hemp companies out there use outsourcing to produce their various formulas, working with third-party extractors and so on.  We do as much as we possibly can in-house, with a team of educated and trained staff who know how to produce the best and most bioavailable products possible.  Therefore, we can maintain affordable prices, as we aren’t paying for outsourcing.

Close Relationships with Hemp Farmers

Further, we have developed very close relationships with hemp farmers who value honesty, and don’t try to rip off up-and-coming as well as established CBD farmers.  This means that we aren’t overpaying for the source material, as other companies may end up doing.

A Dedication to Our Customers

At the end of the day, the unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of businesses who see nothing wrong with overcharging for products as long as the demand is there.  That’s not to say that CBD is the cheapest thing in the world.  The cost of CBD largely comes from the amount of raw plant material required to produce a decently potent formula.  But, many companies still charge way more than is necessary in order to improve their profits and put one over more naïve consumers.

At Carolina Gold, we want our customers to be able to maintain a consistent and effective CBD routine without spending more than they can realistically afford.  This is why we will never, ever charge more for our products than is necessary.  While a lot of brands are driven by money, we’re driven by a desire to help others in the way that hemp has helped us, personally.  This means that you can count on our prices reflecting the true value of our products, rather than the profits that we would like to see.

True Quality, Potency, and Reliability of all Carolina Gold Products

We at Carolina Gold desire nothing more than to see our customers continue to get bliss from cannabidiol without going broke along the way.  This is why our prices will always be as affordable as possible.  Between our refusal to overcharge, our relationships with the best farmers in the country, and the fact that we do most of the work in house, we are able to ensure that our highly rated hemp formulas can be universally accessible to anyone who wishes to make CBD part of their regular regimen.


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