How Strong Do You Need Your Tinctures to Be?

Dec 12, 2020

With all of the CBD tinctures that are on the market today, choosing the best type out of all of the formulas that are available can seem like quite a daunting task.  One of the most important factors of all is the strength of the tincture.  The stronger your formula, the stronger the effects can be.

How Tinctures Work in the Body

First, let’s talk about what happens when you take a dose of a CBD tincture, in order to understand why the strength of the formula matters so much.

CBD tinctures provide the compounds in the hemp plant, including cannabidiol, into the body by absorbing through the sublingual tissue, which is the fleshy area that’s directly beneath the tongue.  By holding the tincture there for sixty seconds, the formula absorbs through this area efficiently, which allows the hemp to take effect somewhere around 15 to 45 minutes after your dose and provide effects for about 3 or 4 hours.

Each delivery method is felt in the body differently based on how it absorbs.  We know that when we vape CBD, we can feel its effects very strongly, and when we consume it in the form of an edible, the effects tend to be noticeably subtler.  Tinctures are somewhere in the middle, which is partly why this type of delivery method is so popular.

What the Milligram Strength Means for Your CBD Experience

CBD oils, like other hemp formulas that use a hemp extract rather than the raw plant material, come in a wide range of milligram strengths, with this number reflecting how many milligrams of pure hemp extract are in the formula.  In tinctures, the hemp extract is diluted in a carrier oil to come up with a specific concentration.

Naturally, the higher the milligram strength, the more cannabidiol you’re getting per dose, and so higher strengths are stronger overall.  Choosing the right strength is paramount to reaching your goals with hemp, unsurprisingly.  Many people who report that cannabidiol doesn’t “work” were going with a strength far too low to produce noticeable changes in their bodies.

It’s important to remember that CBD is not toxic, and therefore high strengths are available on the market because they are not linked to toxic effects.  Taking an extremely potent dose, at worst, makes a person feel a bit sleepy for a couple of hours.

Factors That Determine How Strong Your Formula Should Be

So, how can you figure out the right potency level that meets your overall needs and preferences?  There are several factors that you need to consider, as you’ll see below.

Factor #1: Your Goals

Are you using a tincture because you want to explore the calming effects of CBD, or are you hoping for something that can help you manage extreme, debilitating migraines?  The more severe your personal situation, the stronger the tincture should be to deliver the effects you’re looking for.

Factor #2: Tolerance

We all have a unique tolerance to CBD and other cannabinoids, meaning that some of us are naturally more affected by them than others.  This isn’t something that you can know ahead of trying this type of product and seeing how it affects you.  But, it does help you understand that while your friend may find that a low strength gives them a strong hemp experience, you simply don’t feel much at all when you take that same potency level.

Factor #3: Body Type

We know that like many compounds, the strength that’s ideal has a lot to do with one’s body weight.  Naturally, therefore, a person who weighs more will likely benefit from a higher strength than a person who is underweight.

Factor #4: Bioavailability

How the product was formulated in terms of its extraction and purification methods can play a role as well, as these factors affect bioavailability, which is how efficiently the compounds can absorb.  For instance, extraction methods other than the CO2 method can produce less chemically stable products that are not at the ideal potency level, and thus a higher strength would be needed to deliver the desired effects.

Factor #5: Dosage Amount

Your daily dosage plays a role, as one would assume.  Taking two milliliters of a 500mg tincture gives you the same number of milligrams as a single milliliter of a 1000mg formula.

Factor #6: How Long You’ve Been Taking CBD

Based on what we know about the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is the bodily system that processes cannabinoids like cannabidiol, it seems as though CBD can become more effective over time because of how this system stores excess levels of these compounds.  In other words, a 1000mg CBD tincture may produce stronger effects after you’ve been taking it daily for 3 weeks compared to the first time you had a dose.

Choosing a Tincture Strength: What to Know

Now you know the factors that need to be considered when selecting the right strength of a CBD tincture.  The good news is that companies clearly state how many milligrams are in their formulas, as can be seen on the label of the bottle.  Take all of the factors above into consideration when selecting the strength you wish to take daily, and be open to experimenting with different strengths until you feel that your goals are ultimately being met with your daily routine.


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