How Do Terpenes Impact CBD Oil?

Mar 14, 2021

At Carolina Gold, we have developed a reputation for delivering some of the finest CBD tinctures that are on the market.  Of course, the primary agent in our formulas is CBD (cannabidiol), which is the dominant chemical compound present in the structure of the industrial hemp plant.  CBD is a type of compound known as a cannabinoid, of which there are actually over one hundred in the plant material, and which are all extracted and added to our CBD oils.

While CBD may be the most popular compound in hemp, and rich in all kinds of exciting, useful properties, it is not the only one.  There is another class of compounds in the hemp plant known as terpenes, and we make sure that our CBD oils maintain the full spectrum of terpenes that naturally occur.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are compounds found in the hemp plant, as well as every other plant on the planet.  This means that all of us have consumed terpenes throughout our lives.  Terpenes are found in all fruits and vegetables, herbs and flowers, and essential oils get their properties from these fascinating compounds.

Terpenes play an important role in the characteristics of plants.  They determine the flavor and aroma that each plant has.  Plus, they’re responsible for the unique taste and smell of hemp.  They also boast properties that protect the plant from harm, such as properties that repel predatory insects and diseases that can kill the plant.

The properties of terpenes are also useful to us, as anyone who has ever used an essential oil for therapeutic purposes can tell you.  For example, many terpenes have anti-inflammatory properties, and others have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties as well as mood-lifting properties. 

In fact, if you’ve ever chosen a specific strain of the hemp plant, then you have been conscious of the role that terpenes play in determining the effects of hemp.  The strain is largely determined by its terpene profile, which varies between strains.  The terpenes explain why some strains are more calming, some are more energizing and so on.

Most Popular Terpenes in the Hemp Plant

There are hundreds of individual terpenes found in the hemp plant, with some being more prominent than others.  Because of the unique properties of each terpene, some are more popular than others, due to the effects that they provide, which make them highly sought-after. 

Now, we will go over the most popular terpenes sourced from hemp.

  • Caryophyllene: Has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor.  It’s a terpene that can offer calming effects and is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Myrcene: Has a tropical flavor, and is abundant in mangoes.  It’s known to produce calming effects, and actually determines which strain is an indica and which is a sativa.  Strains with more than 0.5% myrcene are indica strains, and those with less than 0.5% are sativa strains.
  • Linaloool: The dominant terpene in the lavender plant, with a floral, woody flavor and aroma.  It’s renowned for its calming properties, and also have anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Pinene: A terpene that is also present in pine needles, hence its distinctive taste.  Pinene is an uplifting terpene that may offer feelings of euphoria.
  • Limonene: Common in citrus, which is why it brings this flavor note to hemp.  It’s known for lifting the mood and also offering relief from pain.
  • Borneol: Has a minty, woody taste, and is commonly used as an antispasmodic.
  • Eucalyptol: Dominant terpene in eucalyptus due to its woody, minty flavor and aroma.  Known as an analgesic, it can numb pain.  Not only that, but it offers cognitive-boosting properties, helping to increase focus and mental stamina.
  • Humulene: An appetite-suppressant that is highly present in hops, which is why people say that this terpene tastes like beer.
  • Geraniol: Sweet, floral terpene that may help to reduce pain.

What Terpenes Can Do for Your CBD Oil Routine

Terpenes bring a lot to the CBD forefront, which is why so many enthusiasts seek out hemp products that contain terpenes as well as cannabinoids.  Besides the fact that each terpene adds useful properties to the product, terpenes share a synergistic relationship with cannabinoids that allows the compounds to boost the effectiveness of each other. 

This is why we at Carolina Gold use full spectrum hemp extract to create our CBD oils.  Full spectrum hemp extract is a type of extract that contains every compound that naturally occurs in the plant, which means that each dose gives you every cannabinoid and terpene that occurs in nature. 

Full spectrum hemp extract promotes the entourage effect, which is an effect dependent on the synergistic properties of hemp when all of the compounds are consumed together.  What this means is that not only do you get the properties of each terpene when you take a full spectrum product, but the product may be more effective overall due to the presence of each compound, as nature intended.

The Power of Terpenes Make CBD Oil Worthy of Using on a Daily Basis

While CBD may be the most popular compound in hemp, which is well-deserved, there are other compounds that are also worth exploring, including the rich array of terpenes that each have their own unique properties and characteristics.  At Carolina Gold, our CBD oils provide you with the full array of terpenes that exist in hemp, which can take your CBD experience to a whole new level by giving you the entourage effect as well as the individual properties of each compound found in the plant material.

Not only that, but the terpenes in hemp add to the product’s flavor, each with its own distinctive flavor note that plays a role in the overall flavor profile.

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