5 Reasons to Purchase CBD Oil Made in the USA

Jan 27, 2021

When shopping online or at a brick-and-mortar shop for CBD oil, there’s a good amount to take into consideration.  You need to carefully choose the right company/manufacturer that is known for their good manufacturing practices, and select a strength, formula, and flavor that appeals to you.  Another thing that you should look for is where the CBD oil was made.

Carolina Gold’s Collection of CBD Tinctures

Carolina Gold goes above and beyond to produce the finest CBD oil on the market.  We use the latest, most cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure a product that tastes as good as it feels.  One thing that also matters to us enormously is where we derive our hemp and other ingredients.

All of the products at Carolina Gold are made here in the United States.  The ingredients are sourced domestically, and all manufacturing operations take place locally.

Need More Convincing?

Allow us to now explain why you should always purchase CBD tinctures that are crafted in the United States.  As you’ll see, this can benefit you in more ways than one.

Benefit #1: It is Fresher

The more locally the CBD oil is produced, the less time it takes to arrive at your door.  This means that CBD oil made in America is by default going to be fresher.  As CBD oil sits around, it oxidizes gradually, which means that its potency decreases as it ages.  Furthermore, its flavor can be negatively impacted as it sits around.

CBD oil that is made in the United States will be more likely to have the potency and flavor you’re looking for.  Internationally produced CBD oil must travel a long way to reach the distributor, and this can take weeks, during which the oil is exposed to all kinds of unfavorable conditions that can affect it negatively.

Benefit #2: Adheres to Federal Standards

Each country around the globe has their own standards when it comes to how hemp is produced.  The United States has its own set of rules, mostly due to the FDA, that are intended to benefit consumers by ensuring high-quality and reliable products.  Therefore, choosing CBD oil that was made in the United States guarantees a product that is likely to suit your needs in a multitude of ways, and ensures a product that is legitimate, high-quality, and tested by a third-party lab, as the federal law requires.

Testing is a crucial aspect of the hemp industry as it prevents counterfeit and low-quality products from entering the market and duping customers.

Benefit #3: More Affordable

It’s more likely that CBD oil made in America will be less costly, because it requires less resources to distribute.  When you pay for CBD oil made overseas, you’re paying for the cost to send it to the United States.  Because CBD oil costs can certainly add up, it is definitely a good idea to try to save where you can.  In this case, you are still paying for a high-quality product.

Benefit #4: The Manufacturer Can Better Oversee the Product

When a CBD company has a relationship with a domestic farmer, and gets their other ingredients domestically as well, they have more ability to oversee many aspects of the production process.  Having relationships with suppliers who are relatively local means that the manufacturer or distributor is able to visit the farm themselves to see how the hemp is produced and can ensure that products and ingredients are created in a consistent manner.

Benefit #5: Supports Our Domestic Hemp Industry

Of course, choosing to buy your CBD oil from a company that maintains all manufacturing processes in the United States supports our own hemp industry, which is important.  Hemp farmers in the United States cannot thrive unless they receive funding from the market, and so buying American CBD oil puts money directly into their pockets.  This allows the hemp industry in our country to continue to grow, which makes CBD more accessible to the American population, while helping make it more affordable at the same time.

USA Crafted CBD Oil is Simply the Better Choice  

There are numerous reasons why buying CBD oil from an American company is the way to go.  It ensures that you are getting a high-quality product that’s fresh and compliant with domestic standards, while financially supporting the hemp farmers who work hard to deliver American industrial hemp to suppliers.  Carolina Gold ensures that all our CBD products in general only utilize American-sourced ingredients; from the hemp extract itself to the carrier oil, while once again, keeping every aspect of the production process within the United States.

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