10 Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing a CBD Oil

Dec 10, 2020

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty of wonderful things about CBD oil, and are eager to try it out for yourself to see if it can improve certain areas of your life.  But, before grabbing that first bottle you find, it’s important to take a step back and be more discerning in your purchase.

What Determines Purchasing an Actual Tincture-Based Product?

As you’ll see, there are many things to consider that determine the overall effectiveness and quality of what you’re getting.

#1: The Chemical Composition of the Hemp Extract

First, you should consider the type of hemp extract in the formula as this plays a role in the effects you may feel.  Full spectrum CBD is widely considered the best, as it contains the full variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients present in hemp.  Broad spectrum is a THC-free alternative that won’t give you the full synergistic benefits of consuming the whole composition.  CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol, free of other compounds that may be desirable.

#2: How the Hemp was Extracted

Hemp can be extracted in a number of ways to produce a CBD concentrate, but not all of them are conducive to a high-quality end result.  The CO2 extraction method is ideal, which relies on pressurized carbon dioxide to gently separate the plant compounds from the other plant materials.  CO2 extraction maintains the chemical stability of the compounds without taking away from hemp’s natural purity levels.

#3: Lab Reports

You should never buy CBD from a company that doesn’t provide lab reports to customers.  These lab reports show that the hemp has been tested by a third-party facility that is licensed to analyze samples of hemp.  In these reports, you’ll find critical information about the purity levels, chemical composition, potency and general quality of the product.

#4: Reputation of the Company

You should also consider the reputation of the company you plan on buying from.  Look around for online reviews, and check to see how transparent they are about the way in which they produce their CBD products.

#5: Milligram Strength/Potency Level

This determines how many milligrams of hemp extract are in the formula compared to other ingredients.  Therefore, it tells you how many milligrams of hemp you’ll be taking in per dose.  A dropper’s worth of a low-strength CBD oil will not be as effective as the same amount of a high-strength option.  Consider the specific goals you have with hemp as well as your body weight when choosing the right strength for your needs, as you may not get the desired results unless you go with a higher strength.

#6: Other Ingredients

It’s important to pay attention to the other ingredients in the formula as well.  CBD oil is pure hemp extract that’s diluted in a carrier oil.  But it can contain additional ingredients as well, such as flavoring extracts, preservatives, and additional active ingredients like melatonin.  Check these ingredients to make sure that they agree with you, and that the formula does not contain chemical fillers which may not be ideal for taking on a daily basis.

#7: Expiration Date

Always try to check the expiration date before buying CBD oil.  CBD oil is good for about two years, and after that it begins to degrade.  While taking expired CBD oil isn’t considered dangerous, like taking expired food, for instance, it will give you a less potent experience.  As hemp compounds break down, they lose their strength due to destabilization.  Therefore, always opt for as fresh a bottle of CBD oil as possible.

#8: Flavor Profile

Many CBD oils are flavored, either by terpenes that exist in hemp, natural ingredients like peppermint oil, or artificial flavoring extracts.  If you’re going with a broad or full spectrum CBD oil, you’ll be consuming terpenes in the plant material which produce the flavor of cannabis.  Therefore, “unflavored” CBD oil in these types of extractions does taste like hemp.  If you don’t like this taste, a flavored option may be more suitable.  Just make sure that the flavor agrees with your palate, and that the flavoring ingredients are preferable to your needs.

#9: What You’re Using It For

Before buying CBD oil, always ask what you’re using CBD oil for.  For instance, there are CBD oils on the market that are enhanced with other ingredients to offer effects on mood or sleep, for example.  If you’re using CBD in the morning, you probably don’t want one that is enhanced in order to aid in the sleeping process.

#10: Price

CBD oil is not the cheapest thing in the world, but you don’t want to overpay either.  A lot of companies take advantage of naivety surrounding hemp by overcharging for their products despite them not being higher in quality or more effective.  Be wary of brands that overprice their products simply because the packaging is fancier.

Similarly, you’ll need to avoid cannabidiol products that are so cheap, they seem too good to be true.  Often, extremely cheap tinctures are priced that way for a reason, and it’s not always easy to know what that reason is, as it can result from skipping steps during the manufacturing process that yield a lower-quality product overall.

Final CBD Oil Purchasing Thoughts

Choosing the right CBD oil for your needs requires carefully considering all of the factors above, or else you may end up with a formula that just doesn’t meet your needs.  At Carolina Gold, we make high-quality CBD oils with full spectrum, CO2-extracted hemp extract, that offer a clean and smooth taste, a great price and adequate potency for real results.  Plus, we have our hemp lab-tested to prove its exceptional quality.

Explore our line of CBD oils today to find the right choice for your needs and preferences.

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